Helideck Integrity Management (HIM) provides a comprehensive solution to all aspects of helicopter landing areas onshore and offshore.

Our helideck inspection and certification services give you confidence that your asset is verified and meets national regulatory standards such as CAA CAP 437.

A complete certification package verifying compliance includes a helideck friction test, helideck inspection & audit, and perimeter netting test. The certification package is accessible via our secure online server, where clients can access reports, audits, NCR’s and certifications.

HIM can supply equipment that meets the requirements of the regulatory standards and advice to ensure your asset minimizes any operational downtime.


Helideck Audits are an integral part of keeping people safe, improving operational efficiency while reducing maintenance cost and operational downtime whether onshore, offshore or on a building.

Audits are avital aspect of effective risk management strategies allowing you to identify nonconformities to ensure a safe confident operating environment. Audits offer due diligence to your assets and gave the helicopter operators self-assurance that all reasonable possible precautions have been assessed and any limitations are made aware.

Helideck Integrity Management has structured a Helideck Safety Audit Programme in compliance with both ICAO Annex 14 and UKCAA CAP 437 Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas. Our team of highly experienced helideck auditors have served globally onshore and offshore in demanding environments credited to providing world class helideck auditing.

Our audit methodology structure is an ISO 9001 audit process ensuring a transparent journey from the beginning of the audit process, to non-compliances based on objective evidence to the final report.

A detailed final report which includes digital photographic records of all relevant facets of the audit process which include the full audit check list, Non-conformance report (NCR), Helideck Limitation List (HLL) and close out report.

Reports are accessible via our secure online server, where clients can access their digital audit and supporting documents to view or download, in addition a hard copy is also included.


The perimeter safety netting surrounding a helideck is a vital safety system to protect personnel against a potential fall and is a statutory requirement.

The net extends from 1.5 metres to 2.0 metres from the helideck, this poses a risk of falling during installation of the perimeter netting.

As an operating Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) member through our sister company we able to install or replace perimeter netting safely. The perimeter netting frame can at times of harsh weather sustained damage, rope access is a proficient means of replacing or repairing the damaged frame. With our unrivaled experience and expertise, our technicians shall give you the assurance that operational downtime will be minimal.


Degradation of helideck perimeter netting is inevitable, whether in harsh climates or guano the perimeter netting should be capable of meeting the minimum standards.

Helideck Integrity Management offers testing and certification of various perimeter netting manufacturers. Typically perimeter nets of chain link (steel), a drops net is performed and of fabric perimeter nets a test to destruction.

Reports and certification are accessible via our online server located on the website home page Client Portal.


Working closely with our partners we can supply bespoke helideck perimeter netting offering a seamless service from supply, installation and certification.


Day and night helicopter operations offshore and specific onshore landing areas require a lighting system that meets the stringent regulations of local Civil Aviation Authorities throughout the world.

Personnel and supplies are an integral part of keeping any business operation operational day or night, limiting operations to daytime can reduce productivity dramatically. Helideck and Helipad lighting is a paramount aspect of operational safety, the lighting needs to enable a pilot to easily locate the position of the helideck. The helideck lighting scheme is a requirement for the conduct of night operations and is intended to provide effective visual cues for a pilot throughout the approach and landing maneuver at night.

Our highly experienced electrical engineers design, install, replace, service and advise on all lighting aspects of Helidecks, ensuring compliance with local Civil Aviation Authorities allowing the asset to remain operational.

Helideck Integrity Management offers a complete project management service providing electrical engineers, structural engineers, work scope packages, material supply and installation of lighting systems.


Helidecks are often at height, over water or inaccessible areas, presenting difficult access to the underside, perimeter netting, and structural members.

Rope access is a Safe and cost-efficient solution to provide access to these difficult to reach areas. Rope Access is an extremely proficient means of access for task execution, it also allows for minimal operational downtime in the Helideck landing area.

Helideck Integrity Management (H.I.M.) provides a comprehensive catalogue of Rope Access services associated with helidecks. All Rope Access operations are performed and managed Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) guidelines and procedures.

• Deck Integrated Fire-Fighting Systems (DIFFS) supply pipework is located underdeck, supplying fire suppressant medium in the event of a fire, planned maintenance is essential for operational safety. Rope access eliminates the timely and costly need for scaffolding.

• Corrosion is estimated to cost the Oil and Gas industry $1.3272 billion according to a NACE study. Corrosion control is an essential aspect of maintaining an asset’s operational integrity. Helidecks have numerous inaccessible areas underdeck where corrosion can be detrimental to the structural integrity and deteriorate safety systems. Our IRATA Rope Access technicians specialize in corrosion management with a client/class-specific inspection regime and coating repair technique.

• Non-destructive Testing is a vital modern-day practice to help prevent operational downtime and reduce maintenance costs ensuring the helideck structural integrity. Each landing of a helicopter creates a compression force on the structure, cyclic lifetime fatigue inevitably occurs. Rope Access NDT Technicians are the solution to carrying out Safe and timely, NDT inspections, awarding the asset with efficient due diligence.

• Installation of Helideck Perimeter Netting identifies itself as a high-risk hazard, by applying our IRATA accredited procedures and global experience, H.I.M can reduce the high-risk hazard with safe, timely, and cost-effective solutions.